UE4 Mech Game Update #15: Self-Guided Missiles

TL;DR: Added missile lock reticules and self guided missiles to go alongside the machine gun.

From a programming standpoint, it’s interesting contemplating how to go about implementing these features. It seems like treating every sufficiently complex entity as an individual blueprint is the way to go.

In this case, a blueprint was created for the missile lock reticule. It puts a red dot in front of the enemy as well a distance indicator. On each tick, the reticule is positioned outside the bounding box of the enemy, but always facing the player and scaled to appear fixed in size no matter the distance. Each reticule is placed in the world with a reference to its assigned target and “follows” it. All actors that contain a custom TargetableActor component can be locked onto. Modularity, baby.

As far as HUD is concerned, I’m strung on how to go about it. What I want to avoid is having a bunch of buttons just for show like most games do:

Sure, it looks awesome and sophisticated, but it would be a total waste from a VR standpoint unless each button actually did something. I guess the next logical step is to outline all the indicators and functions of the cockpit, then go about designing overlays and interfaces for them.