UE4 Mech Game: Update #2: Cockpit, Physics, Motion Controllers

TL;DR: Remodeled cockpit, added joystick, better physics, walking + flying, weapon crosshair. Video at bottom. UE4 makes VR development a breeeeze.

Cockpit: Decided to update the cockpit mesh for a better sense of scale. Cockpits tend to be a tight squeeze even if the vehicle is large. Added vertical up-down motion when walking with slight stabilization for the camera. Added a ground distance indicator in meters for HUD (helps when trying to land since you can’t see the ground near you). Also added a virtual joystick.

Physics: Now using Add Impulse instead of thrusters so it’s framerate-independent. Using one directional force towards thumbstick direction which is simpler and gives more balanced results than separate forward/back and left/right forces. Walking/flying transition is working.

Motion Controllers: Added motion controller support for left and right hands. Left hand is used for the virtual joystick, right hand is used for the sprite crosshair and attack vector. Added debug laser to illustrate an under-cockpit weapon.

Very happy with the results so far. Moving onto some level design prototypes.