UE4 Mech Game Update #5: Textures and Shaders

TL;DR: Used Substance Painter to add awesome materials to the mech model, then imported the generated maps to UE4 and plugged them in.

Here’s the “mech under construction” model that’ll be used for the teaser sequence:

Blender’s great for modeling, but not so much for texturing.

So I’ve added a new tool to my arsenal. I needed a tool to add some gritty realistic textures to my model. My cousin recommended Substance Painter and within a few hours, I was able to pump out something that was way above my pay grade.

Applying gritty textures is one thing, but Substance Painter has smart materials that take into consideration the edges of the geometry, which really pushed the visuals to another level with minimum effort. Then once it’s all imported into UE4 (there’s a bit of tediousness in having to manually plug in the color, normal, AO, roughness and metalic maps into their proper channels),  then it looks pretty amazing in the engine, or at least a bit shiner.

I can’t believe UE4 can render it in realtime and in VR. This thing looks much bigger in VR. A person’s height would be less than halfway to the kneecap.

Good stuff so far…